Our Goals/Projects

  • Raise public awareness - We will work to increase awareness of akathisia, so family members and friends will understand what their loved one is going through.  

  • Disability qualification - We will campaign to get akathisia and other medication-induced illnesses recognized as disabilities eligible for government financial assistance.

  • Research - We will work with researchers to help determine the mechanism of akathisia.  This may uncover a predisposition for drug-induced akathisia and help prevent it.  

  • Akathisia Conference - We will organize an akathisia conference to share research findings and ideas as well as educate clinicians in recognizing akathisia.

  • Speaking engagements - We will solicit invitations to attend and present at neurology, movement disorder, and psychiatry conferences.

  • Clinician support line - If enough funds are raised, we will start a call-in support line or online chat for information regarding akathisia for patients, families, and clinicians.

  • Fundraising - for the above projects.