About the Akathisia Alliance

Akathisia is an extremely distressing neuropsychiatric syndrome with symptoms including severe agitation, inability to remain still, and an overwhelming sense of terror that has been implicated in countless suicides and acts of violence. It is the side effect for which the FDA requires a warning label on many medications.


A vast majority of doctors know very little about akathisia, and far too little research is being done to end what has become an epidemic of medication-induced suicides. This is partly because one would have to experience akathisia to understand it. For this reason, the “Akathisia Alliance for Suicide Prevention” nonprofit organization has been formed which is run primarily by people who have had akathisia and know why it causes suicide. Our members have come together from all walks of life. We are biochemists, psychologists, nurses, attorneys, business owners, etc., who have recovered from akathisia as well as others who wish to help end the torture. We are raising money for projects to promote awareness, educate medical professionals, and advance research as well as to help members unable to work due to akathisia and the families of those lost to suicide.